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  This article is about one of the users here. Technically it should have been removed as vanity, but we let it stay.
Well don't look at me!  

Ryan is a mysterious guy girl person said to be living on the bottom of the Pacific Ocean somewhere near AustraliaNorwayGermany somewhere. It remains a mystery why he it lives there, although it is said it is because he it was forced into exile from his its former colony near the Netherlands Antilles. He It does not eat. Why? This is what we are going to find out now.

Some reasons may be:

  • No food down there. Well, unless you count those stupid tube worms, but you should not eat those, they are DISGUSTING!! YUCK!!
  • He'd It'd rather know the cheese
  • He It's gone on a hunger strike to support the cause of the Irish Redundancy Army (of Ireland)
  • He It got sent to his its room because he's it's been a naughty boy girl person of nondescript gender.
  • Blame the Jews
  • Blame the Jaws
  • Blame the paw paw
  • Too busy freefalling to care?
  • No one cares
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