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Check mah $w4g! What U say? U ain't got no knowledge of mah $w4g, foo? U jus' hatin' on mah $w4g, n00b!

U wot m8?

What is it?[edit | edit source]

A fedora is $w4g. *m'lady.* A neckbeard is $w4g. Snapbacks are $w4g. "OBEY" is $w4g. Shrek ist Dreck is $w4g. Bling is $w4g. Sanic the Hedgehog is $w4g. Weed is $w4g. Faze Clan Optic is $w4g. Doritos are $w4g. Mountain Dew is $w4g. Snoop Dogg is $w4g. Trickshots are $w4g. Telling your mom to get the camera is $w4g. Getting a triple is $w4g. Even your neighbor's stupid dog is $w4g.

$w4g is a transitional phase in every male individual of the species homo sapiens sapiens from boy to man. $w4g is discarded once the male adolescent enters adulthood, buys a car, a house, a dog and a few good-looking suits, thus replacing $w4g with class. Those with $w4g tend to 360° or possibly even 720° no-scope trickshot their worst enemies in Call of Duty. The $w4ga7r0n >9000 is a machine which measures the amount of $w4g people have. Women have no $w4g, because they're women. Those with the largest $w4g usually belong to the Illuminati. The motto of the Illuminati truly is $w4g, which translates to "Suckle With Absolute Giddiness". Boobies. Ermah Gerd is the god of $w4g. To get his infinite appreciation, one must offer sacrifices to archangel GabeN. Ooh, steamy. People with $w4g don't $w4g in the first place. Confusing innit it. When you $w4g a puppy dies. So there!

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