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Not to be confused with the beautiful puppy from the Internet, Boo Bah.


~ The Boohbah on themselves, we'd have to assume

Boohbah is the Boohbah you can across to. . . Boohbahville? Wait, wouldn't that be either the Boohzone or the Boohbahll?

The Boohbah are an eclectic group of strange interdimensional beings created by a mysterious esoteric group of transcendent beings known only as "the Creators." No one knows anything about them, but they can certainly make some shit up. They spend their time traveling the world to visit selected children, whom they give hallucinogenic visions to, although there has also been speculation that they actually do gaslighting and kidnapping too, but those theories have been suppressed by the "powers that be," so we know that those are conspiracy theories and anyone who believes them should be given the Coronavirus vaccine.

Boohbah apparently meant "doll" in Israeli, but then again it was made by the Brits, so it's either an psyop by Mossad or MI6 (assuming they're not the same thing in the first place).

So just what are Boohbah?[edit]

Boohbah are yeast. This fits in, since the minions are bacteria, and the Teletubbies are hard to place, but I'm gonna go with mites.

Also, while writing this article I was walking through my house and "Semi Charmed Life" was on the radio, which reminded me of the line "freak show takes the stage," (which I never remember being very conscious of before) which I thought would actually apply pretty well to the Boohbahs.

So why exactly does ?pedia need an article on Boohbah?[edit]

For some reason, when this author, Cg098, was younger, whenever he found a new wiki he would search "Boohbah" on it just to see if they had an article on Boohbah. Whenever he got a hit doing this, he would be surprised that the people on that site knew about Boohbahs and made a page on it. Boohbah was kind of obscure, but it apparently wasn't so obscure that no one on the internet had ever heard of it. He did that when he discovered ?pedia, but the thought to create the page on Boohbah never crossed his mind until now, so here it is.

Fun fact, when I was in high school I planned out a Boohbah parody video, that would be filmed mainly on the grounds of the local middle school/elementary school complex (when no one was there,[1] don't be a pervert!).

Are Boohbah even a real thing?[edit]

No, Boohbah do not exist. It was just a children's television program from the United Kingdom released in the early 2000's. Its true effects have never been fully studied, and the Boohbah defense has never been tested in a court of law.

However, there may also be a specimen buried somewhere in Missouri, but it's location is unknown, so we should just assume it's not real.


  1. I had better have hoped no one was there. Making a Boohbah parody video in like 2012 would be embarassing. Perhaps even as embarassing as making a boohbah wiki article in 2021.

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