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Asema is quite the character. You see, he landed on Illogicopedia during a meteor shower on editthis. During this time, he became accustomed to the insanity and tone of the forum, and melded into it's culture -- without losing his sanity. In many works of fiction, especially those involving Flameviper, he is presented as the arch enemy of one character (again, usually Flameviper.)

Asema's catchphrase is usually portrayed as a zany pop culture reference when it is fact a thinly veiled self promotion. Asema is also a werewolf, and like other werewolves, he likes eating trashy articles for dinner. He's quite lax on the administrative side, hesitant to back up against vandals (unless Hindleyite can con him into it with ice cream and martinis, or Flameviper tries to usurp him by helping).

Asema is also a black/blue 6/4 legendary creature with first strike, the ability to tap all of your opponent's articles, and to tap Flameviper at the cost of 2 Mana. He also has an echo cost of one gazillion blue mana, due to him never staying in one place for long. He has been recorded as a "sanctum blue blur" afrer drinking espresso and listening to dance music.

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