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This product is kept in the fireplace by RMS

“How could they not send me into space.”



~ Testostereich's likely reaction to this article

Public Deeds[edit | edit source]

Getting into space is no easy task. You have to do a lot of good stuff. Then you have to get the space agency's approval ratings at at least 13% (those bastards don't approve of much).

So what did I do? Simple:

  1. Save some kittens from a tree
  2. Just be awesome
  3. Er, yeah

“127% approval rating. ”

~ Space agency board

Contact[edit | edit source]

Space agency: Did you just save those kittens from a tree?

RMS: Sure did.

space agency: You'll hear from us.

RMS: Buh? Who are you anyway?

The next day I received a telegram (I don't trust email or the internet, or phones, damn technology!):

Welcome aboard, sailor!
Your actions of gratitude have got you into space, laddie. And, the good thing is, we'll give it to you in a discount price: $1,000,000,000. This message will self destruct in .12 seconds
the space agency

Transitioning[edit | edit source]

The suits are heavy, hot, and don't feature a bathroom. And sitting in a space ship tree hours before launch is no fun either.

RMS: I have to go pee!

Space agency: sorry, you'll have to wait another millenium

RMS: feck

3,2,1, Liftoff! Wait, nothing's happening... crap. forgot the gas.[edit | edit source]

After another 6 hour delay I finally flew into space, and blew up the moon. Nothing more fantastic that chunks of blown up moon! space rock pelting Earth!

<insert song title here>[edit | edit source]

an ode to my flight:

<insert song here>

Testes just got robbed![edit | edit source]

So much for originality 'round here!

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