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I got a big award in less than 1 month. wut?

Okay, here is the Improved part[edit | edit source]

I dunno, all My journeys thing is a witty one-liner.

like, yeah.

Okay, for real.[edit | edit source]

I could edit like, whatever I wanted.

I messed up things, ' Improve ' things...

And... yeash.

this happened.

Calculation[edit | edit source]

I calculated some things and I found out I can beat Hindleyite in Edit count in less than a year.

that's right. I'm being serious

Vanity[edit | edit source]

'My journeys' ... isn't all journeys Vanity?

lol[edit | edit source]

btw, I never used the benefits I had. except I rollbacked my edits.

For reals...[edit | edit source]

Okay, *cough* *cough*

Chapter 1. Wait, is this EPIC article?[edit | edit source]


Chapter 2. The True start.[edit | edit source]

I joined Illogicopedia.

I first thought it was a dead site, but there was some peoples trying to improve this site.

so I joined. I created an account. with a LOOOOOONG name.

I didn't know how to change names in Illogicopedia, so, I created another account.

Chapter 2.5. wait, 馃憟 lol 馃憠 has a sock??[edit | edit source]

Well, it's name is Laser Poneez ohn Unicycle!!. with a whopping 0 edits.

Chapter 3. anyways...[edit | edit source]

So I rejoined as lol. the good ol' lol.

Chapter 8. Mass edits[edit | edit source]

I created a bunch of redirects. all the IP: ones.

they wanted me to stop. so I moved on. and created some articles.

and managed some templates.

Chapter 174. Template Madness[edit | edit source]

I was managing templates in (Wikipedia) (I came from there), I did it in here too.

that gave me thousand edits.


Chaper -5. getting recognized[edit | edit source]

I got recognized.

I befriended pplz here. or I'm just thinking.

well, yep

Chapter C. WIP[edit | edit source]

This article is burly men unfolding umbrellas.
  Maybe you should help it on its way.  
Panneau travaux.svg

Gotta go sleep. bye.

Chapstick 3. I'm back[edit | edit source]

This is truly a My journey. isn't it?

Chapter Chapter. Chapter Chapter[edit | edit source]

Well.... what else?

nothing. I just repeated.

Mass edit, babble, Mass edit, babble, some kind of big project (IllogiGames and stuff), babble, Mass edit...

Cahper Calf. Long thing[edit | edit source]

Bumps happened sometimes. well, yes. I hope that I did right. even if I did something wrong, I hope that I cleared the wrong thing correctly, so everyone will not get mad at me. positive vive. that's it.

Btw, I dunno this will be epic. this is kinda short tbh. well, eh, this is quite bad. Without an epic article, I cannot win the paperclip.

I'm trying my hard to make this article long enough. as I said in HYPERACTIVE vol.2, 'course I am aiming for the paperclips. well, I think I can earn silver clip? not sure. maybe, I dunno what is Good Articles.

all articles seemed good. well, except few articles that I wrote early days.

Shiet, I dunno what to do! I ran out of writing thing. y'know. heck, I can't just finish this as So I became rollback, but I barely used that.! eh, that's will never be picked epic. amatight? this is bad. I don't know what to do. ehhh... well, we can write random jibberish, but I used it way too much. ah! probably some random babble about me and vanity will be good.

Chapster Chipster. Prangles[edit | edit source]

*Strangles you*

Chester Cheetah. what?[edit | edit source]


Cheater Chess. Okay, I guess[edit | edit source]

Game Start


Choking Choke. Check[edit | edit source]

Did I write some babbles? check.

is it long enough? hmm.... check, I guess.

Chapter 0. finale[edit | edit source]

So I'm here. I won banana for being active.

I published a book.

of course an IllogiBook.

anyway, even though I got ability to pass through things,

this site is just too quiet.

I have nothing to revert!

hehe, I guess i just got some IllogiHolic points.

Chapter 255. Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Gotta go re-do my Illogiholic test

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