Black and Silver (condensed cheese product)

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

[21:44] <@Athyria> If I were to stop being lazy, I would not have this large bracelet on my wrist.
[21:44] * Athyria clanks it.
[21:44] <Gruntled_> Did you just clank something?
[21:45] <Gruntled_> Are you in interrogation again?

Later that evening...

[22:13] <@Athyria> I'm turning sleepy. I need something to do.
[22:14] <Gruntled_> Make a model of the face on Mars.
[22:14] <@Athyria> It's a lump.
[22:14] <Gruntled_> Not if you squint O_o
[22:15] <@Athyria> It's a squinty lump?
[22:15] <Gruntled_> I once knew a man named Quigley who was a squinty lump.
[22:16] <@Athyria> Did he lurg, too?
[22:16] <Gruntled_> Lurg had yet to be discovered at that time... late 1970's, when I was in the air force.
[22:17] <Gruntled_> On the plus side, progressive rock music was huge

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