Cookie for the puppy, fuck the kitties

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Even sleeping, Frunobulax is always prepared for belly rubs.
It's a cookie for the puppy, fuck the kitties,
A cookie for the puppy, fuck the kitties,
It's a cookie for the puppy,
'Cause she is the puppy wuppy.
It's a cookie for the puppy, fuck the kitties.

This is the customary song Gruntled sings to his dog before giving her dog biscuits. The kitties are oblivious, and do not care for dog biscuits. However, Frunobulax thinks she's getting one over on the cats.

The Present[edit]

Puppy wuppy lies on her comfy chair, snoring and content. She dreams of dinosaurs and bits of ham interspersed with her kibble. All is right with the world.

The Ever-present[edit]

She spends a lot of time on her comfy chair. She ponders many things; food, play, gotta go outside, pork, not rawhide, chewies, good lovies (scratching, rubbing and talking sweetly to her, especially belly rubs), people food... such a rich and full life.

She also spends a lot of time on her bed. Her bed is alongside mummy's side of the Bed. When mummy is sleeping, she lays there and guards.

She listens. Listens for the imminent threat of a stranger on our property. I think she has a special appetite for Lord praisers. Three idiots with a Bible on my front porch turned Frunobulax into a seething, spitting whirlwind of growling, barking TEETH. Her body language said, "Eat them, I will."

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