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April 30, 2015; IllogiLand- Following an attempt by travellers in an attempt to sexually assault a local woman, known Australian Illogicopedia contributor XY007 intercepted and apprehended the tourists. He explained to the police,

I saw these guys, and they looked very suspicious. I may not know that woman personally, but we know our manners so I went and took care of the bad guys.

The thing is, this phenomenon is rare- especially in a place like this. Following the proceedings, the men were sentenced to a 10-year sentence to prison without parole on the grounds of drug-induced sexual assault. The next day, Australians gathered around and celebrated this brave feat with the staging of parades and interviews by The Guardian, CNN, Metro, and Red Bull personnel. XY007 (known as "Vim", after the dishwasher brand, in Terraria) was considered a national hero for inspiring his people to stand up when darkness falls, for they are the light. In fact, agreements came to Vim being used as the mascot for the dish soap.

Critical reception[edit | edit source]

During the celebrations of newly found "Vim Week", people had a few good things to say.

When this guy turns 35, I'm going to vote for him to be president!
Next time I buy some Vim, I will not look at it the same way again.
This is a throwback to the days where the imagination and charm of a child rules.

Vim Week (last week of April and on), due to the outcome's massive impact, is recognized as an official holiday worldwide. Friday of this week also serves as a holiday similar to Christmas complete with an eve and day (and presents! Let's not forget about presents!). XY007 will be cast in the event when Africa for USA reunites to make another song to inspire everyone to go and seek justice.

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