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Flameviper's dearest dream is becoming a Wikipedia Administrator

ISST A THREAT TO YOOUR COMPOOTAH!!!!. Well he is if your computer murderously offended him sending Flameviper into a murderous rage aimed at your computer and then somehow lost it's firewall so it was defenceless. It could be true.

Waaaa[edit | edit source]

Does your computer experience purplishness and the tendency to twitch like a, ..."I'm not reading that" (Sound of gun being readied for shooting, followed swiftly by the sound of the writer of the article sweating), like a dead dog with a grandma who's eating it's left paw whilst driving a car like Al Capone, Happy? I mean does it do that on shepherd herding occasions. This is probably because Your computer is dead inside like all other prostitutes.

Oh yeah, and Flameviper filed for its termination before subtly changing his name to become undetectable.[edit | edit source]

“Whatintarnations!! Where'd that snake go? It done busted my prize hog, I don't even get no sugar from her!”

~ Hillbilly on Giving a lecture at Oxford University on the complex biological diversity of his sexual habits
You're looking down the barrel of some uber leet pwnage.

He'll like muck up your hard drive with his like crazy afro hair and he'll misguidedly try to play Lara Croft on your computer - basically your computer is fecked.

With silver fangs, blood-red eyes, and a sword for a tail. And the sword's on fire. Yes, it's a sword and it's on fire. What could be better than that? And the handle's made of bee-ee-ee-ee-ee-eef jer-keeeeeeeeeey. It's a FLAME-VIPAA-AA-AAH! And it's made... of... OWNAAAAAAAAAGE!

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