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  Mynameissecret has attained 1 star.   Because those damned cows invaded Britain. 


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This is me.

Hello. I am a visitor from distant lands, aiming to bring fortune and prosperity to this barren place.

I am also a complete idiot.

P.S. Did you expect a fancy userpage? Too bad.

Articles (if you could call them that)[edit | edit source]

Rewritten ~ Best of the Lot ~ Featured (only one...)

Subaru~Glurk~Your Face~Mr Winkler is GAY~The Original Star Wars~Toothpaste~Dalek~Pikachu Language~Gouging out Eyeballs~Teddy (Letter)~ᏴᏑ~Band-Aid~Bangladesh~Mullumbimby~HowTo:Fit an elephant into a refrigerator~Time is Money~Mat~You cannot edit this page~Trophies~Sunglasses~The Great Adventure~A Poem~Ashi~A Limerick~Gulping~Specific Ocean~Artificial Soul~Creation~The 5th Battle of 17~IllogiNews:This page will soon be deleted!~Innocent human~Hover Car Racer~Ned~The Avocado Conspiracy~Mindless Ants~Ha ha ha~Babbling~A Good Thing~Donuts~The Sideways Journey~WHAT?!~This article is just a figment of your imagination~The Gruesome Story With Blood and Guts That is the Worst Story I’ve Ever Written~2012 - A Prelude~Mr Men Is Wet~Star Wars Theme Song~Cute~Jeff~The Cabal is Evil~The Cabal Central~Kangaoo~ICA~Punctuation~You have 1 message...~Mary~Guhblurgablurg‎~Nick~Huge writing~The kitten is sitting on my bed~Sleep~Ngthite~Callisto~The Ultimate Destructo Death Machine~He~Toaster~The Black Turtle~Steel~Harry Potter and the Goblet of Water~Lettuce~The Candle Was~An article that is bad~Yak~Pencil~Music~Mud~Honey~Winnie the Pooh~I know everything~The autobiography of a $5 note~A really short story~Dictionary~Coffee table~Kebab~Potted Plant~Stick Figure~Stapler~Pothole~Happiness~Scientifically speaking~Triceratops~Earwax~Brachiosaurus~Pencil sharpener~What happened to that orange thing?~Razum~Ghostie~Contact lenses~An article containing nothing but 'I'M BACK' written 100 times‎~...~The Hubsky Inclusion has BEGUN!!!~The Deep Dark Reaches of Hop-diddle~Dyslexic Cornflakes~Dead Bacteria~Doctor! Doctor!~Crazed Wombat~Things that aren't actually things~Weird things that are big~Caterpillar~BluBomb~Meatloaf~Neptune~Sometime today~Bold text~SAW VII~IllogiNews: Cows invade Britain - Prime Minister calls for peace~IllogiNews: This article exists!~Paper plane~Axey~IllogiNews: Stone leg of snake not suitable for crops, says President~Cheese string~~IllogiNews:Porridge found in urine~Rectangular~The Hopping Apple Glue Incident~Teh Cooking Show~A funny thing

Stuff I'm Working On (usually large projects)[edit | edit source]

IllogiGames:Can you unlock the door?~The Three Annoying Monkeys~I have no idea what to write