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Mr. Dec, in the process of writing his enlightening letters.

“Your only hope for a future!”

~ Francis E. Dec on himself

Francis E. Dec, recognized worldwide as the would-be evil usurper of the glorious for his efforts in uncovering the vast schemes of the Computer God and the Communist-Atheist Conspiracy, and enemy of exposing the Pope for his wretched High-Holy Communion Sodomy, died at the age of seventy, finally terminated as a result a victim of the Inevitability of Gradualness.

Once having discovered the Computer God Secret Containment Policy and the fact that his real brain, in fact, was located on the far side of the moon we never see, where it remains to this day, closely guarded by the Computer God in order for the secrets contained within not to reach the hands of any other rebelling against the glorious Gomputer God capable of saving humanity from its evil plans, Francis E. Dec typed many enlightening letters and articles posing a great threat to the glorious Computer God on his famous typewriter, the Evil Computer God Usurper.

Secrets[edit | edit source]

Many are the secrets he uncovered; however, the parroting puppets - not to mention the carroting muppets - and the CIA deadly gangsters soon realized his intentions and attempted many times to kill him through sneak undetectable extermination, though their efforts unfortunately proved futile until he was commited to hospital after suffering a stroke, his life at mercy of the Computer God and rendered useless until he reached the final age of 70.

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Francis E. Dec, mid-husband to the 20th and 21st century incoherent rant

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