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This user is no longer very active on Illogicopedia.

This user has been brought back from the dead!

They will soon proceed to eat your flesh.

  Some WHAT!? has attained 5 stars.   Repelling the vandal with Mini Ketchup and a knife. And teh pickle. Yours, Head Hitter



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"Yeah, I went out and bought some elephants today to live in our yard..."
"Some WHAT!?"

What am I doing?[edit | edit source]

I used to be the greatest editor Illogicopedia had ever seen. Maybe. Depending on your opinion. And level of intoxication. Anyways, then I became a normal person and adding weird, weird things to this site became harder and harder. And yet, the flag of hope still flies within me, giving me really bad reflux. So here I am.

Where to find me when I'm gone[edit | edit source]

Nationality[edit | edit source]

Illogicopedia America.PNG
This user is from the United States of Imerica.

I have made[edit | edit source]

Nonsense | Bebbada | Omaighad | Languagé d'É | Some Guy, This Guy, and That Guy | Illogic Book (and much of its following) | Peaceful pennies | Revolution 9 | Lonkey (Ew, a lonkey!) | Blub, blub, blub. (sequel) | An article with nothing in it (Any actual content found in this article was contributed by others.) | Spacebar | Red. | Persplonkey | Attaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!! (This is an AAAAAAAAA!-like article that got deleted on Uncyclopedia.) | Pukka (sequel) | Yeah, but can you handle this? | Shtuilifashter | I have nothing better to do... | Noodle of death | Snow | Bellies! | Create An Article!!! | Bomb | It seems I like recognition for my work | The flaaaaaaaaaaaaag | Electrostatic carrot grue | It's not like I can do this: | Hey, yui | Quat | Onion | Pwapwoe | Talk | Bigak | What to gesticulate when the train says you | Random page | ELECTRIC CHICKEN | A page just for people to vandalize | Rhyme | Tricky nonexistent page | Stabby thingy! | WAIT! There's a catch! (But first read End of the world by someone else.) | This is the story of Bob (EPIC) | Hobbenbobben | I look at the recent changes and everything is on my watchlist | Mortal | Homicidal screaming carrots | Worst article ever | Link | This article is awesome. | Bad Pun Machine | Hola Verde | Non, monsieur, those are your underpants | Pencils | Pickle entry | Stuff | It is late and I am tired | Ploof? | The Ultimate Series of Talk Pages | Ah am a tomato | First read Illogiland's eventual downfall then follow links to Illogiland's eventual upfall and Illogicopedia's magical waterfall | Sensible (collab with everybody) | My blood | Is that what you call a knife? | Sausage | List of people who are not a n-- | Government | GUITAR SOLO! | Supermarket | Hindleyite's comment on the Main Page | What to do if your head catches on fire | YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA | Spontaneous human combustion | Wales | Oh, no! I'm a green bean! | Bright | List of things | Watch out, I know karate... and am really really bad at it | Mini Ketchup | Greek mythology | Urp | Piece of bread | Pesto | The number you called | Shut up? | Mine | Dortascreen | Recession | Bedlam | Real | Accuracy | Virginia | Odyssey

IllogiNews[edit | edit source]

IllogiNews:Dead person dies of death

Best of[edit | edit source]

Less article-y creations[edit | edit source]

ZAP!!! (The quick way to get to a familiar site page)

My edit count[edit | edit source]

I do an edit count of Illogicopedia users that ranks them in order of most to least edits. It is located here. You can ask for an edit count by adding your username here.

Foodchiefs[edit | edit source]

This new thingy I made up. I don't know why. You get to be in charge of a food or food group.

Your article, Pickle Entry, is a winner in the Illogic Pickle 2.2.
You receive an inflatable hammer to... do something with?...