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An illogical weapon
Used against vandals that happen to also be rabbits

Hello, and welcome to the Illogia world domination center weapons exhibition. I'll guide you through our vast array of different Weapons of Mass Dementia...

  • Conkers - Ah, the classic illogical weapon of choice! Need I say more? No. On to the next! Approved by Volcanicity
  • The Ultimate Shotgun - Really, just look at it: Quite eeble, don't you think?
  • RMDs - Faceless, I mean, priceless.
  • The Vandalrist - absolutely daggering!
  • The WIP - You've got to hand it to them, those admins sure know how to handle a template!
  • Oh, the Spartan Laser - Cheetos sure never lose!
  • Choko Chipper-As tasty as it is dangerous.
  • Magic Missile! Oh, crap - seems I just cast it. I'm sorry! But no harm done, eh?


Well, I guess not. Anyone else wanting a tour of our exhibition?

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