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Magic missile is a devastating attack involving a missile of magic, or magical missile, a real missile propelled by magic, magic propelled by a real missile, or a missile of magical missileness.

Where was I.. Oh yes, the magic missile is made entirely out of cheese despite magic being incompatible. Now, as we all know, staffs that harness magic missile are susceptible to magic missle, the retarded brother of magic missiles.

Now, to cast magic missile, you have to become one with Censored by Anti-Magic Missile authority. Then take the chicken and mayonnaise Censored by Anti-Magic Missile authority With a poleaxe Censored by Anti-Magic Missile authority, then kill the ask a ninja Censored by Anti-Magic Missile authority and listen to Rammstein.

Make sure to be in the vincinity of a light-emanating object, lest the magical grues find and magically eat you.

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