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The Confetti Knife was a rare promotional item only released with preorders of the Dora the Explorer Super Pack in 2006. With the increasing demand and decreasing supply of these rare weapons, I have decided to make a guide on how to make a copy of this most powerful weapon of destruction for yourself. The ingredients only cost $39!

How To Guide[edit]

You need to obtain a Quantum Exhabilator. You could order one on Amazon, but I find their prices unreasonable. I have found that many common items contain this part, such as nearly every alarm clock or any old rainbow-powered windmill. Take this piece and attach it to a two-bladed kitchen knife. If you don't have one of these handy you could always just steal one from your neighbor.

After attaching the first two pieces, you must paint one of the blades pink, one yellow, and one blue. This is the "confetti" part of the name.

Let the paint dry, then glue a fork to the end of the handle to both extend the weapons length and provide a secondary stabbing end. This should leave you with a beautiful piece of craftsmanship if you did it right. This weapon should serve the toddler in your life for many years to come.

End result
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