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Now in Wii version, for mowing down Miis!

A Machine gun is a awesome gun that can be used to mow people down like cutting grass.

Using a machine gun[edit | edit source]

You simply stick some bullets in, uh, cock it or something, and start mowing down people! There are different ways to mow down people though, you can:

  1. Fire in a straight line
  2. Start spinning and shoot around wildly (Warning! May cause death!)
  3. Uh, I dunno, surprise me!

Types of machine guns[edit | edit source]

There are three types of machine guns, er, so I think. There are normal ones, ones made for Nintendo products, and one with like this huge control pad and a missile and lots of buttons.

But wait! There's more![edit | edit source]

Best of all, they are super portable, you can even get a personal stand with a sticker of your mom on it, and you can even make robots mow down people too!

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