Fuffy kitty fuff (WMD)

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FKF secret plans.

“If then the Cold War was lost, why is Communism stronger then ever?”

“Because of the wealthy's warm fluffy clothes”

~ 19AA AAAAAA Moskoa

Fuffy Kitty Fuff, also known as FKF, was a project to invent a WMD that was so powerful that it could damage a population so bad they would fall apart.

Mass production began in 20AA in the NUSSR. Day by day more and more of it was produced but the large amount of bananas it was using was not economical, so thing set Cosmonauts to Mars to get bananas at the store. On Mars. And coffee at the moon.

Taking the fuff[edit | edit source]

Because the fuffy has radiational properties it was extracted from the kitty. Taking fuff from kitties was hard work - it needs a lot of kitties, so we mass produce them to take their fuff in factories.

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