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A Burgulator is a special type of weapon developed by the US Army to feed people in Africa Burgers at a fast rate, therefore making Africa very fat. Ironic, isn't it?

History[edit | edit source]

The concept was created shortly after the creation of the Burgertron (Abominable Burger Collider), when McDonalds asked to help feed hungry people in Africa. The government, always wanting to interfere with other countries' affairs themselves, turned McDonalds down and instead started working on the top secret Burgulator so they could do it.

The Revolution[edit | edit source]

After exactly 100 years of Africa getting fatter and fatter, they started getting unhappy about their weight. They blamed the Burgers, and rolled over every member of the US Army they could find. 30 years later, Africa was back to its old, starving self, AIDS and all.

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