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“So in other words..a bored guy smacked his mate over the head with a scone and said "sucka got sconed" ?”

~ Oscar Wilde on Sconed

Sconed is when you are beaten over the head with a giant scone. This was originally developed by a radioactive chipmunk, when he overloaded the nuclear generator of Gotham City in 812 BCE, causing a Jesus meltdown of the worst kind. The Earth inverted and there was left one giant scone. Then, Waldo walked alone and smacked the chipmunk with the scone, thus causing the Earth to spin on its axis, causing the Deathstar to confront Satan, who promtly referred it to Jesus, who promptly took it and placed it in an the unknown midget kingdom of the Oompaloompas, where it imploded on a buffer overload, caused by a retarding fork bomb...

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