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RMDs (Rabbits of Mass Destruction)

They can eat your brains because they are radioactively bananaish. They were born in China but are Russian. Therefore they are good at Chess. They will eat your brains. They like Deja Vu. They will eat your brains.


*gunshot noises*

“well this doesnt look that dangerous. it looks cute. hello cute little bunny arent you cute- wait whats it doing? OH MY GOD ITS EATING MY FACE!!!!!!11!1!!!! *mauling noises* ”

~ Jessica Alba to nobody because the only thing there was a RMD

“you're hot ”

~ George Bush to Jessica Alba

“It's...eating her face.”

~ TheOddity on a RMD eating Jessica Alba's face


~ Dohyun on a RMD eating Jessica Alba's face
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