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Bombs. They're awesome. And explodey. The Green Goblin has bombs. they look like pumpkins. Pumpkins. Ha. You don't have pumpkin shaped bombs. On another note, nuclear bombs.

Atomic bombs are actually two different bombs, as dictated in the wonderfully heartwarming movie "Fat man, Little Boy." That was a good movie. Point is, nuclear bombs are the power of atoms being split, releasing all of the force from the strong nulear force (the weak force is still skittish). It releases lots of explosion and good stuff. And radiation. I knew a guy who had some radiation on him. Key word? Knew.

Famous things with bombs: B2-Stealth bombers. The green goblin. Rum. Me. More rum. Y-Wings. Chansey the Pokémon. Bomberman and Bob-ombs. Samus. Bomb Kirby. Solid Snake. Spartans. Middle-Eastern Mario. North Korea. Me. Liquid Snake. More things from Star Wars. Mel Gibson. Me.

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