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Lightsaber saber saberswords are quite a mouthful to say. But don't go around trying to eat them! The mystery of these swords are shrouded with a whole lot of cheese. Jar Jar Binks discovered the secret of making them when he filled what he thought was a cup with blue chu jelly. Instead of getting poisoned, his head was cleanly zapped off.

Types of Lightsaber saber Saberswords[edit | edit source]

There are 110 different types of lightsaber saber saberswords:

  • Purple (made from purple chu jelly)
  • Green (made from green chu jelly, and the favorite of Yoda)
  • Red (made from red chu jelly and are used for Valentine's Day gifts)
  • Blue (made from blue chu jelly)
  • Schmargle-Orange for those who can't count in binary.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Lightsaber saber saberswords have many uses such as:

  • Being a delicious, nutritious snack
  • Being able make people's head asplode.
  • Being able to act as a flash light in places fogged up with a whole lot of cheese.
  • And... Much more! ORDER NOW! (only $299.99.99 plus shipping and handling)
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