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Heading text[edit | edit source]

The AK-420 is one of the most powerful guns ever created by mankind. It is so powerful in fact, that it is the only weapon the would be able to destroy the Crazoid in one hit.

Weapon facts[edit | edit source]

It does 666 damage normally, but with a critical hit it does 6666, so a non-critical shot would kill anything (the largest amount of health any thing has is 600)

Similarities to the AK-47[edit | edit source]

Well... yes there are some, but the AK-47 only does 100 damage per shot....


Okay they do look identical, so what??

Wait, AK-420???[edit | edit source]

Hey, I'm not the one who named it.

SO stop yelling.

Josh named it.

Summary of doomyness[edit | edit source]

Kinda like AK-47 but much more powerfulest

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