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Myanmar is tenth largest country with no lactose-intolerant residents.

“The free and the non-natural, there's plenty to go 'round and the possible the usable is better with sound, and the quotes, they keep rolling in the clean and lovely air, and my head was shaven by the skin of a bear!”

~ Aikido G. Mink

Myanmar is an operating system created by Good Operating Devices Incorporated, in 7000 BC. It is noted to be difficult to use, to quote Gilly Bates, the head of the company, 'Myanmar is the new Windows 10!' That was intentional.

History[edit | edit source]

While looking for a better alternative to the high-cost Thailand(TM), Malaysia(TM) and India(TM), created by We Sell Linuxenry and Apples Corporation of the United States.

Interestingly...[edit | edit source]

Doctor Who is filmed in this country and is actually spoken in Burmese. Since the BBC do not like this, they force the dubs to make it look like English and to make the mouths contort in the most English way possible. Why, BBC, WHYYYYY???