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Turkmenistan is one of the republics that has broken away from the USSR. It is located in Central Asia and scenically borders the Caspian Sea.

Free-range, caviar-fed Turkmenistani chicken

Turkmenistan (like various other countries in the neighbourhood including Turkey) is populated mainly by Turkic peoples and poultry.

Much of Turkmenistan is wide-open, sandy desert which allows its indigenous species of chicken to roam around in free-range style. Turkmenistani nomads are shepherds to the chicken ūüźď flocks.

Although most of the country's population is Turkic, there are no turkeys in Turkmenistan. On the other hand, for reasons not really known, there are turkeys but no chickens in neighbouring Turkey. This may be related to linguistic change across the Turkic language group, or maybe not. This is a matter of great debate among Linguistics scholars in universities around the world. Many Ph.D. candidates in Linguistics undertake research in Turkmenistan for this very reason.

The Caspian Sea holds great numbers of sturgeon, which yield eggs that are processed into caviar. Turkmenistani chickens simply adore caviar; and their caregivers feed it to them frequently. Caviar makes Turkmenistani chicken truly premium.

Turkmenistan is the leading chicken producer in Central Asia. Consumers abroad demand free-range, caviar-fed Turkmenistani chicken, and especially because of the high quality standards enforced by the country's strict laws and regulations that govern all aspects of daily life in the country. The Turkmenistani government takes its chicken seriously.