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“On second thought, let's not go to Berzerkistan. It is a silly place.”

~ King Arthur on Berzerkistan

Every time that any news of happenings in the Western World reaches the tiny, ideologically challenged but heavily nuclear-armed nation of Berzerkistan, such as the release of a new Harry Potter book or Justin Bieber album, their leaders go berzerk, peeing their pants in fear that it may pose some kind of convoluted long term national security threat and they start warming up the missiles. Hence, the name. It has been suggested that Western nations ought to modify their behavior so as not to unduly piss off Berzerkistan and thus possibly cause possible nuclear annihilation for a nearby hill of sheep, but really, nothing we can do will help, except pray.

The official language of Berzerkistan is Subtitles. It borders Pottsylvania, Bookland, Qurac, Bialya and Foriegn.