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“Oh man!”

~ Kids on Oman
For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Oman.

Oman is a country invented by Oh, man! in 2011. Oh man! was killed shortly after. THE END. except not

Oman speaking Odia or Oromo? IDK. (they speak Arabic)

Æ was married to Œ there. AAAAAAAAA!


Fun facts[edit | edit source]

“THE SULTAN OF OMAN LIVES IN ZANZIBAR NOW! that's just where he lives.”

~ bill wurtz on Oman
  • Oman's sultan moved to zanzibar because he was bored. The country then was unpopulated until 2016.
  • Oman had 3 million girls with periods. (I love my period y'all)

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