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A map of Turkey

Turkey was invented in, say... 100 AD? Well it was invented sometime, I really don't know. Turkey's name was debated for a very long time. It was originally Chicken and then it went to Pheasant and finally Guinea Pig. It stayed Guinea Pig until the countries Guinea, New Guinea, and Papa New Guinea were made they changed their name to Duck. Duck reigned Eurasia until Georgia killed them all. The new king, King Stuffing XII decided to change the name of Duck to Turkey because then he'd be Stuffing inside Turkey.

Military Defeats[edit | edit source]

  • Defeated Germany in AD 211. (As Duck)
  • Lost to Georgia in AD 342. (Once again, as Duck)
  • Defeated Hungary in AD 560.
  • Defeated Norway in 1246.
  • Lost to Russia in 1337.
  • Lost to The Great big yaks in 1492.
  • Defeated Uzbekistan in 1561.
  • Lost to Kazakhstan 1756.
  • Lost to Equestria in 1801.
  • Lost to Turkey in 1837.
  • Lost to The world in 2010 2008.

Current Turkey[edit | edit source]

How Turkey currently looks.

Turkey is now running in a forest in Turkey.... What the heck was that supposed to mean? Who wrote this article? They must be a hack. Well Turkey is now being chased by Hungary and wants to be covered in Greece so Hungary can served Turkey on China. Why the hell are there all these country puns? We need to Finnish... OH GOD DAMN IT. Well now, Turkey is a country no one gives a crap about Turkey. Sorry any of those Turkish people, no one cares.

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