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“Tojikiston rokz!”

~ Average Tajikistan stan

Tajikistan is Virginia in a nutshell, but no nut novelniver doesn't exist. It never did in this country. So strange that here is a portal to a picture of a pic of a alternate universe Illogicopedia speaking duh-duh-dah-dutch! Not to be confused with that burning crater that I swear is found around this area of zeh world, not in Tajikistan-arino but close by…

And sta_peaceful_coexistence.gif Darigan & Meridell possibly coexist here?!‽

The Tajik meth myth[edit | edit source]

1997 AD (423643 BC) - Evil Empire debated expansion
2001 AD (694200 BC) - USA wants Tajik to hit others with their mouth
2022 AD (23973246 BC) - Y'all my nuts are killin' me!
2069 AD (2386232626 BC) - Pull my finger!

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