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1st! --RFK

Sign in dammit. Why do you ever sign out? --T3 21:37, 10 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
T#, you are sounding quite insane right now, and I'm afraid it's time to go to the "happy place" room...Cheerio and READ CHEWBACCA FACTS------->, I bought the new Axe Instint (with the scent of rare leathers) and it smells quite awesome, yet if you spray it in a hot car, and let it sit there for an hour or two, it smells of a thousand butt-holes. -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 12:37, 12 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Spell check: I spelt instinct wrong. -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 12:37, 12 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
What I don't get is how you actually know that you are signed out, and then you sign your posts with "RFK" rather then spending ten seconds to sign in. I just don't get it. —rms talk 14:11, 12 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Well I hate you. -- 15:25, 12 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Jesus Christ, guys, stop hating each other. Also, coincidentally before I read this post, I read every single Chewie fact on that website. But yeah, I'm in an insane kinda mood. Two of my recent turnouts: Surreal & Illogic With a Capital Q. --T3 20:44, 12 Ergust 2009 (UTC)

I'm flattered, you corperate sell out! -- 18:33, 13 Ergust 2009 (UTC)

Also, Rush is the greatest band in the history of the world!!!!!!!! -- 18:34, 13 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Um... no they aren't. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE YYZ but not the best ever. --T3 21:08, 13 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
If you have seen the movie I Love You Man, you would understand. Plus, Neil Peart melts faces man! -- 23:47, 13 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
I like Rise Against. And I have had a recent obsession with Radiohead. —rms talk 23:53, 13 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
No and he doesn't. Rush is okay. I like classic rock but not ANYWHERE as much as I like modern rock. RISE AGAINST!! w00t!!!
Yeah! Sign your post! —rms talk 00:18, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Oopz. Forgot. --T3 00:28, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Modern rock sucks, the only good rock was from the 50's - 90's -- 03:50, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
I agree with you slightly, however, I disagree with the fact that good rock only comes from that time. You obviously have never heard Rise Against. Or SOAD. —rms talk 04:09, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)

I actually love System of a Down. There is some "modern" rock I like, such as SOAD, three days grace, three doors down, green day, formerly the all american rejects, seether, the beastie boys, puddle of mud(d), and others that I can't think of. My top 3 favorite artists/bands of all time are: 1.Elvis Presley, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne. --RFK

I like Three Days Grace, Three Doors Down, Seether, and Green Day's old stuff. Green Day's new stuff is shiite.
Also, I HATE Elvis Presley. WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE HIM? HE SUCKS!!!!! --T3 20:51, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
If you had said that to my face I would have punched you right in the face...-- 21:04, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Also, yesterday I suffered from an extreme case nogistalgia and sat in my room for 2 hours listening to Rush. -- 22:17, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Okay... Um... elvis sucks --T3 22:37, 14 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
I understand why you hate him. It's because you dont understand how he revolutionized the music of that day, and he changed history. He was unique, different, and generally cool. It's something you wouldn't understand unless you understood the time period he lived in, and hwo the media and social systems were, which is something I understand. I am not angry at you for your dislike of him, but I am sorry for you that you cant experience the musci like me and so many others......also, how does he suck if he has sold millions of albums, won many awards, adored by millions of loyal fans who are part of a fanbase that is still going strong, over 30 years after The King's death???? I have read the entire The Definitive Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock and I think I understnad the music industry way better than you, no offense. --RFK
I'm not the biggest fan of Elvis, but it is pretty much by default that you have to like his music. It's just that way. He revolutionized rock, and without him god knows where we would be today. I don't listen to his music, I don't have his music, but you have to respect him. Also, RFK, Beastie Boys are NOT rock. Whatever made you think that? lol. —rms talk 04:34, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
Idk, I was just trying to think of something, I also like the foo fighters, breaking benjamin, and the offspring(who are actually an 80's punk band that recently came out with a new album)......and others. I bought a used copy of Michael Crichton's The Andromeda Strain. It's addictive.....he is a good author, I recommend reading Jurassic Park, the book is way better than it's movie adaptation. --RFK
The reason I don't like Elvis is because I don't like his music. I understand that he revolutionized music and I understand that all of my favorite bands wouldn't be here today if it weren't for him but the thing is that I'm not a sentimental person. Meaning, I don't like something just because it was revolutionary or the classics. Sure I do like classic rock. I love Pink Floyd, The Who, and a whole lotta Zep but I don't like Elvis' style. So in short, I understand he was revolutionary but that doesn't mean I have to like him.

Oh and I love Breaking Benjamin, Foo Fighters, and The Offspring (who aren't from the 80's. They started in the early 90's but they never actually stopped making music.)--T3 14:40, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)

NO! U R WORNG! According to both my rock encyclopedia and wikipedia they started in 1984. Here is the first line of their wikipedia article: "The Offspring is an American punk rock band formed in Huntington Beach, California in 1984". There you go! HOW YOU DOIN'! --RFK
Well, Technically they formed in 1984, but all of their good music came out in the nineties, so no one cared about the eighties. Anywho, who gives a fork about the Offspring, I mean, just look at Rise Against! Hell Yeah! And regarding not rock but rather alternative, who likes Weezer? Muse? Radiohead? Anyone? —rms talk 16:17, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
I enjoy both Weezer and Radiohead, alternative is a type of rock. I'm don't know any songs by Rise Against, but I've seen a CD of theirs and I've probaly heard a song by them once or twice. -- 16:42, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
NEVER HEARD RISE AGAINST!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??????!!! THIS IS A PROBLEM THAT NEEDS TO BE SOLVED NOW. —rms talk 16:47, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
I like the Dirt Whispered. —rms talk 17:11, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
I don't so I told him not to. --T3 17:15, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
IRK. —rms talk 17:15, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)
OK --T3 17:17, 15 Ergust 2009 (UTC)

Okay! So![edit]

I don't want to see you bullying pipichy anymore. Who cares if he posts a ton of images in his articles? If you don't like the repeated images, you can express that without calling him a "useless peice of shit." His "Nonsensical Table of Elements" article is actually quite entertaining in a completely random way. Remember that illogicopedia is supposed to be random. Quality isn't supposed to be a big deal here. Even if some of his articles do get a bit spammy, insults and bullying are uncalled for. --THE 16:36, 2 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Yeah, yeah. Probably shouldn't have said it though I don't regret it because I meant every thing I said except for how I said it. --T3 03:38, 5 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
Finnally someone else on ?pedia. -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 17:42, 5 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
I'm nearly almost always on. Would you mind submitting some quotes (don't have to be you) to the Quote of the Day? I only have enough for like a week. --T3 19:58, 5 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Ya. I did. HIAY[edit]


OHGOSH I BEEN SPOTTED. Corngrats on spotting the Fonch. It is a rare event, and I gratz you on your wallaby.

--Romanducky.jpg|Fonchezzz| Quacking|Smile no.jpg 20:05, 5 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)


Thank you for playing the Illogigaim. It pwns the noobs--Ben Blade 20:25, 13 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

I LAIKD IT!! --T3 23:54, 13 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

Hmmm...[edit] know, I could have sworn that I just recently banned you for insulting pipichy. I could have sworn that you apologized for it too! So I was a bit surprised today when I logged in to see you once again insulting Pipichy. This time the insults were much more subtle, but they were still insults. The thing to do when you see a new user writing low-quality articles is to civilly talk to them about it (like this), not to insult them subtly or otherwise. I'm not gonna ban you or anything, but please heed this advice and remember what you learned from the last time I banned you. I didn't think you'd forget this quickly. Cheers! --THE 01:39, 17 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

For the first time in ages, I'm more or less with T3. He seems to have the Toby-Euan attitude that this site is a game. He also makes 'his own versions' of pages. It a bit annayin. But what would I know, i'm just some pessimist, emoified cynic user :P --Ben Blade 16:58, 17 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
I think pipichy is giving this site a good shake up. It really makes you question what this sites for and where we going with it. --bob 16:14, 29 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)
Mhm. I don't know how to respond to that without THE (justifiably) getting on my ass. I'll just say I'm afraid that this site will end up like ED because of him. --T3 21:22, 29 Serpeniver 2009 (UTC)

check out socky[edit]

Socky's on IRC. He called me a twatt bag. --bob 14:56, 3 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

ah well --bob 15:10, 3 Octodest 2009 (UTC)
Whenever anyone says, "T3canolis" Socky says, "T3canolis, Latin for 'morbidly afraid of Skype.'" --T3 15:18, 3 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

Hey, thanks![edit]

Thanks for adding to The Man In A Pan! --Flyingidiot 23:04, 6 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

Don't mention it, man. I love writing poetry. Especially nonsensical poetry. --T3 23:10, 6 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

Re:You shouldn't need this since Illogicopedia doesn't have ads[edit]

You shouldn't need this since Illogicopedia doesn't have ads.

Eh? --


- 21:59, 7 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

That monobook thing gets rid of ads? Doesn't it? --22:59, 7 Octodest 2009 (UTC)
It's for javascript, I added a mexicans button. --(ƒî)» 21:57, 19 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

Putting the "Mexicans" template on your article[edit]

I apologize for it. Gilligan; 9:48, 18 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

It wasn't mine. It was my friends. No hard feelings though. Just remember that the Mexicans template is for articles that suck. --T3 15:46, 18 Octodest 2009 (UTC)


my intestines are swelling! oh, and on a related note, ello. haven't talked for a while, much less been on. i'm going to blame it on school and baseball. baseball takes up every day 'sept friday and saturdays. anywho, cheery on then? —rms talk 04:55, 19 Octodest 2009 (UTC)

Meh... I guess. --T3 21:28, 19 Octodest 2009 (UTC)



Whoa. High school is a real workout. I hardly have time for ?pedia anymore. And I think my cat just blew itself up.

How's your life been? —rms talk 21:15, 13 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)

Same old, same old. Fuckin' exams tomorrow. That'll be fun. --T3 22:10, 16 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
Whoa, the american education system is fucked up. Im in my 3rd year at high school. Best of all, the government abolished the y9 exams. Booyeah.--Ben Blade 23:18, 16 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
So you're.... sixteen? Wow; you're immature for your age. --T3 00:16, 17 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
No - 13. As I said, the American education system is retarded--Ben Blade 20:13, 17 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
OMG same age. BTW, the american education system blows ass. Ours has no exams. 0wn3dz0r. --Galanoth 20:29, 17 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
Pssssssh. In my day, we had to take exams, in the snow, uphill, both ways! And there was no pansy-arse failing a grade! You either succeeded, or we threw you into the dog pound covered in ketchup and salt! You kids have it easy. --Asema 21:14, 17 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
Let's not argue about education because no matter how much you argue, America is a smarter and way more epic-er country than yours. I'm being honest. Plane? Us. Assembly line? Us. Atomic bomb? Us (with the help of Germans). So yeah, drink your tea and crumpets while we teabag the shit out of your country. Not really. STDs spread that way. --T3 22:28, 17 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
And you'd all be naked red Indians if it weren't for us. Pointless Atlantic debate overrrrrrr.--Ben Blade 23:00, 17 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)

Ahem, people, you seem to forget what this season is all about! No, not that dude with the beard, I mean the fact that I just killed my exams! I got a 124/125 in English! And a 99 on my honors Algebra final! SO FUCKING SUCK IT —rms talk 05:41, 18 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)

Nah, I'll pass on that one. Testostereich(ballsack) 13:25, 18 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
I'll do it <3 --Galanoth 15:30, 18 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
Galanoth is now my new best friend /ushers galanoth into dark closetrms talk 16:41, 18 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
Hey, the police came round to my house about 10 mins ago asking where Galanoth is - what the feck did you to him?--Ben Blade 17:41, 18 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
IRK, ya nerfherder —rms talk 22:46, 18 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)
Ahem —rms talk 05:36, 26 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)


I've made several pages of "not-so-superheroes" (do you think that sort of title works, by the way?) as a sort of "goodbye gift". What I mean is I'm going to the desert and by the time I can back to the internets school will have started. You can go over them, make changes, and if you have any problems or anything else to discuss just leave a list on my talk page and we can talk about them on IRC some time. I also haven't done anything for the main page of it all either. Sorry 'bout that, I just thought it needs more discussion of the ideas and concepts before I can lay down the article.

So, yeah, tiddle doo for now, I'll be back maybe Sunday evening and probably Monday, but until then, cheers, merry new year, and good writin' :D —rms talk 07:09, 30 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)

Okay. I'm not gonna be on much today because Ginonater's comin' over but I'll try to look at it. --T3 16:17, 30 Ditzimber 2009 (UTC)

/coughs dudebro, camman! get workin on yer artikle! i can't do it by meself! —rms talk 21:11, 10 Jeremy 2010 (UTC)

yo tekkanolis[edit]

Im suing yo ass--Ben Blade 22:08, 27 Farbleum 2010 (UTC)

irk —rms talk 21:45, 28 Farbleum 2010 (UTC)
thats ^ What s/he said. ^ --Ben Blade 00:23, 7 Arche 2010 (UTC)


You will burn in hell they say, you will burn in hell!



--Ben Blade 12:24, 14 Arche 2010 (UTC)


Ignore second part of title. By the way as a mark of perhaps perverted respect I have featured you on a comparison page I made cuz' I was ill and subsequently bored, yo. HERE IS THE MONEY

thanks babes.--Ben Blade 13:13, 15 Arche 2010 (UTC)

So I'm totally white... but my momma's white too. Am I adopted?! vaGinonater I exist! 07:02, 20 Arche 2010 (UTC)

The Smurfs... are... the evil people. vaGinonater I exist! 06:45, 26 Arche 2010 (UTC)


*edges into view disguised as a tree, poorly* 'Ta mate, *sidles off out of view again* Testostereich(ballsack) 16:09, 26 Arche 2010 (UTC)

aherm —rms talk 19:09, 27 Arche 2010 (UTC)

Internet Relay Chat[edit]

Nao.--Ben Blade 23:22, 13 Arply 2010 (UTC)

Yeah, I forgot[edit]

It happens sometimes, what with me being all well hung and all. Testostereich(ballsack) 22:02, 4 Aym 2010 (UTC)


Hey. I just wanted to stop by and say hi to ?pedia, and what better place than T# (inside joke)'s page? Look, i know I haven't been exactly, "active". I do apologize, but many things have beeen up with me and ive been extremely busy. Here's an update on my interent activities since you last saw me:Rebooted Chewbacca Facts (again) and that went on for like a month and a half,a rekindled interest in special effects and movie making (again which led to a reboot of my youtube channel(silentjediman), and just random fooling around ;). I know you may be asking, if you can do all that stuff why cant you do ?pedia? Well here's what I think: it may be becuase of the wait time for the main page to load (im impatient), or I just dont think of it. Okay, the main reason Im writing this is becuase I had a nightmare(no, im not 6) and ?pedia was closed! How random of a dream to be having! lol. So I felt compelled to pay a visit to this fine establishment, which has played a big part in my life aswell as I have in its. Thank you all! (cheesy). Well, that was exciting. Cya laters and look out for guest posts from me on the ?blog! -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 12:11, 28 Aym 2010 (UTC)

We await an snarly response--Ben Blade 15:41, 28 Aym 2010 (UTC)
Don't worry RFK we still wuv you. I know what its like to be caught up with YouTube. That's why under no circumstances should you ever make a video team on. Skate 1, 2, or 3 with your brother and your best friend because it becomes less about fun and more like a business and your brother and you have useless fights over stupid things. Trust me, I know from experience. But anwhoozle. Hey! --T3 18:07, 28 Aym 2010 (UTC)

I bring peace to this quarrel[edit]

I think we could both admit that England played better overall, but that keeping mistake was inexcusable. Fair enough, you probably played better in the second half. Still, you're not gonna win the world cup, and neither are we. Don't let this football debating get in the way of our recently rising respect for each other.

Good luck to the USA, just make sure you come 2nd in group stages thanks :P--Ben Blade 12:50, 13 Yoon 2010 (UTC)

Okay. I was joking the entire time. I know that England is better than the U.S. but of course I'll still be rooting for them. Yep. --T3 22:34, 13 Yoon 2010 (UTC)
Sarcasm is hard to find on the internet--Ben Blade 16:44, 14 Yoon 2010 (UTC)
Yep. As a wise man once said, "Incest is the best"". Wait, I'm pretty sure that's the wrong quote. --T3 18:59, 14 Yoon 2010 (UTC)
I heard that! *bans* Testostereich(ballsack) 10:35, 15 Yoon 2010 (UTC)
Ha. I didn't even say that because of you. I started saying it after you started dating your cousin and it was kinda inspired by it but when I say it now it's less about you and more about incest in general. Speaking of incest, I told my friend once, "Skylar, I'm sorry but out of all of my friends; I think you're the most likely to commit incest." And I meant it. --T3 19:10, 15 Yoon 2010 (UTC)
Skylar...--Ben Blade 16:16, 22 Yoon 2010 (UTC)
What about his name? --T3 20:52, 22 Yoon 2010 (UTC)


irk —rms talk 05:30, 3 Jumbly 2010 (UTC)


irk —rms talk 05:30, 3 Jumbly 2010 (UTC)

I see you. ;) -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 00:03, 27 Ergust 2010 (UTC)
I dun geddit. --T3 21:10, 28 Ergust 2010 (UTC)
Thats the point ;-) -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 03:37, 31 Ergust 2010 (UTC)

check this out[edit]

i made this today. pretty cool. click here -- Ragglefraggleking Is Eating Your Bagels 16:55, 1 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)

Cool. Looking forward to Reach more than Black Ops, though. --T3 06:05, 5 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)

the question...[edit]

you've been banned from Wikipedia, but have you been banned from Wikiversity, and had one of your websites black listed from there? Eme 07:01, 21 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)

No, and I don't know what that second part means. --T3 20:02, 24 Serpeniver 2010 (UTC)


I know you haven't been active or anything, but if you come across this, the new Rise Against is AMAZING. GET IT. —rms talk 01:54, 16 Arche 2011 (UTC)



I am going to it. Be jealous. —rms talk 00:39, 15 Aym 2011 (UTC)

Fuck you. --T3 01:28, 18 Aym 2011 (UTC)
Please, do. —rms talk 03:52, 18 Aym 2011 (UTC)
OK FINE IGNORE ME FAGGOT. Anyway. I recently purchased a Zune HD, and I made a correlation to you as I thought about Zunes. So here I am telling you about it! —rms talk 23:23, 4 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Pfft, Zunes. I got an iPod Touch a year and a half ago. I don't use it because I mainly listen to music at my house, where I have a computer. I will say that Zunes are better than any iPod except for the iPod Touch. On a less related note, I will respond to "DOOD": I wasn't that amazed with the five to seven songs I heard off of the album. I took a look in my musical mirror and now appreciate better music. My top 2 bands are currently 1. Muse and 2. Radiohead in a close second. I'm listening to the 01 and 10 Playlist right now. Back to Rise Against, I enjoyed parts of it but it sounded far too much like Appeal to Reason. The one song I will admit that I enjoyed most was "Make it Stop (September's Children)". I think the part where he reads off the names of the kids was pretty deep. Anywhoozle. Please ask what the "01 and 10 playlist" is so I can blow your mind. --T3 00:22, 5 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
I refuse. I am still enjoying my youth and being in love with Rise Against, HOWEVER: Radiohead is my second favorite band, Muse my third. /high five
Nonetheless, I got myself one of them Zune HD's. Like, the fancy dancy touch screen one. It's really neat. iPod touches are better overall devices, but they, like all Apple products, are a rip off; I also did not want to go through the hassle of iTunes, which is a miserably large, slow, and stupid program. I've been using the Zune software for months and love it, so I decided to buy a Zune.
NOT MENTIONING THAT PLAYLIST HA. —rms talk 00:27, 5 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Anyway, it is a secret playlist between OK Computer and In Rainbows. It is done by going back and forth between songs on the albums (with one exception) and adding a ten-second-crossfade on them. Radiohead thought people would find this out because OK Computer and In Rainbows both have 10 letters in their names and were released 10 years apart. The exception to the back and forth and cross-fadeness is between Karma Police and Fitter Happier where you just go between them like you'd normally do on OK Computer. Here is the order.
  1. Airbag
  2. 15 Step
  3. Paranoid Android
  4. Bodysnatchers
  5. Subterranean Homesick Alien
  6. Nude
  7. Exit Music (For a Film)
  8. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
  9. Let Down
  10. All I Need
  11. Karma Police (no fade into Fitter Happier)
  12. Fitter Happier (but this does fade into Faust Arp)
  13. Faust Arp
  14. Electioneering
  15. Reckoner
  16. Climbing Up the Walls
  17. House of Cards
  18. No Surprises
  19. Jigsaw Falling into Place
  20. Lucky
  21. Videotape
  22. The Tourist
I'm not sure how I'd send it to you but I made the playlist into one hour and a half long song. It's fucking amazing. The best example of how Radiohead did it on purpose is that it explains Nude's weird opening because it starts off with the exact same note that Subterranean Homesick Alien ends with. --T3 00:36, 5 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Also, on a somewhat related note, my musical taste has been degrading as I've shifted from rock to electronic music, mostly glitch techno (don't worry, I don't like dubstep). I am such a child! —rms talk 00:30, 5 Yoon 2011 (UTC)


Johnny? Cameron vsign.jpg Johnny? (now with Johnny?) Johnny?~Johnny? Johnny?:Johnny?, 5 Johnny? Johnny? (Johnny?)

You've got the wrong guy. --T3 21:19, 5 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

The letters[edit]

In your signature are rather close together. I just thought you should know. ~ Pointy.png 00:26, 15 Yoon 2011

Thank you. I am aware of this. The problem is that a space is a bit to much, well, space. Do you know if there's something else I could do? --T3 00:51, 15 Yoon 2011 (UTC)


Awww.... look at the cute widdle mouth. So Kawai!! - Another n00b 17:58, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
HOLY SH-! I'm sorry, that scared the crap out of me. --T3 18:17, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Wimp. Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 19:01, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
I'm going to go cry on /b/ —rms talk 19:02, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
The more I look at that picture, the more I think the dog's nose is made of brain matter. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 19:07, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Huh. You're right. --T3 20:33, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
I find it hard to believe that wasn't your first thought. --Silent Penguin 21:06, 23 Yoon 2011 (UTC)


You've earned the following template:

You can put this wherever you like on your userpage. ~[thehappyspaceman] Dan the HedgehogThe Happy infodiscussioncontributionsenter the contest NOW!!!WTF?! Klingon IllogicopediaCaptain AnonymousTHE GRAFFITI WALL (beta version)IllogiNews: Snakes on a PlaneAn Article That Redirects To ItselfUnMDThe most important tutorial ever. 00:15, Yoon 24 2011

I'll accept this award, but I swear I didn't vote against you on purpose. --T3 00:17, 24 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
O RLY? ~[thehappyspaceman] Dan the HedgehogThe Happy infodiscussioncontributionsenter the contest NOW!!!WTF?! Klingon IllogicopediaCaptain AnonymousTHE GRAFFITI WALL (beta version)IllogiNews: Snakes on a PlaneAn Article That Redirects To ItselfUnMDThe most important tutorial ever. 01:04, 24 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
I hate doing this but, YA RLY. --T3 01:13, 24 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
At least it's not "yusrly" —rms talk 01:30, 24 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Amen to that. --T3 04:15, 24 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

Say my name next time[edit]

T3canlic joins #illogicopedia
<T3canolis> Why hello there?
<T3canolis> ...or not.
T3canolis quit

Dude, say "Nerd42" next time. I get a beep when you do that. And if you say it several times, I get several beeps! Otherwise I might not know you joined the channel till I check later. --Nerd42 00:33, 27 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

I actually got off because I went to eat dinner, but yeah, I haven't been on IRK in so long I forgot about that. --T3 05:26, 27 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
well when you came back I was asleep cause it was the middle of the night obviously --Nerd42 14:02, 27 Yoon 2011 (UTC)


Since reading your vanity article, I cannot wrap my head around your pronounciation of your user name. It's always been tee-three canolis, going by the voices in my head, and I can't fix it. Help! Not very disGruntled - Exchange ideas 18:00, 29 Yoon 2011 (UTC)

Teh-kan-OH-liss, or just avoid the problem altogether and call him T3. —rms talk 18:13, 29 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
It's not working... the grizzled voice keeps screeching, and the lepers have started another colony. Help! Not very disGruntled - Exchange ideas 18:20, 29 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Another colony? —rms talk 18:23, 29 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
I thought it was pronounced "Teey-kay-loan-iss", or if you regard the 3, "Tee-three-kay-loan-iss". - Another n00b
I thought it was pronounced "Tee-Three-Cah-no-lis." As for my own username, It's Pronounced Forty Two. --Nerd42 20:16, 29 Yoon 2011 (UTC)
Gruntled, the T3canolis article was written by DrownMeSoon hence the "Teh-cah-nol-iss" pronunciation. But seriously. It is "Tee-three-cuh-nole-eez". --T3 00:40, 30 Yoon 2011 (UTC)


I guess I'm back for the summer...or something. As long as the site works...thankfully I can view images just fine. :) --Skate1168 23:47, 9 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Well, In case you were wondering what I have been doing for the last two years (and why I left) it goes.

- You were right about my Dell (got fried four months ago)

- I was a total n00b two years ago (I promise not to constantly spoon articles from Uncyclopedia)

- Hmm...not much else...maybe I'll add to this later.

I have an idea who this is ('cause you didn't sign in), but I'm not sure (so I'm not gonna embarrass myself).

Hi, anyway.

--T3 23:50, 9 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Sorry about that, edited. --Skate1168 (Talk) 05:46, 28 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Pickle judgin's[edit]

Hey T3, you still up for this? I'm looking to organise an IRC judges gathering, sometime on Saturday afternoon (UTC). Don't know how convenient this may be for you, or even Silent Penguin who I haven't asked yet, but I thought we should get the ball rolling with regards to conversation. By the way, it hasn't taken me very long to read all the entries, so it shouldn't be such an arduous task as it was with Testicles in his prime. :P -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 17:41, 28 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

I'll try. I've recently come down with an illness that I can't remember how to spell/pronounce that has caused my hands (and feet, and mouth, and head, and back, and everywhere else) to swell to the point that it hurts to grip virtually anything. I have to type very gingerly and if it gets worse, I fear I won't be able to do it. I will make an attempt to do it, though. --T3 21:12, 28 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Sounds like a load of crap to me. He just wants to dodge the work! —rms talk 22:45, 28 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Sorry, I couldn't hear you over the PAIN OF WASHING MY HANDS. I better get rewarded for this. I'm a fucking trooper. Also, RMS, I'd send you a picture of my swollen hands, but I doubt the picture would do the pain justice --T3 05:36, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Sounds like Edema, perhaps? I'm sorry to hear this, T3. Rest if you can. --The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 10:05, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

Sounds like too much rigid masturbation to me.--Ben Blade 11:43, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)

T3 has a penis? ;D —rms talk 17:48, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
You don't need a penis to masturbate. ~ Pointy.png 21:26, 29 Jumbly 2011
False. Since I am a teenage american male, I spend hours reading about this stuff on the internet, and it has told me time and time again that females cannot masturbate because they don't have a penis. —rms talk 21:53, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Egad. Would anyone else like to passively confess their masturbatory habits? --The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 22:10, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
/raises hand
I love sharing stories multiple times. —rms talk 23:26, 29 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Really? I was basing that on what I'd read on the internet. ~ Pointy.png 04:21, 30 Jumbly 2011
@The Bard: No, it's something else. It's gotten better with the medicine I'm taking for it.
@Everyone else: I'm ignoring. --T3 06:36, 30 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
I'm prettier than you. ~ Pointy.png 08:11, 30 Jumbly 2011
T# is ignoring us 'cause he can't handle the truth.--Ben Blade 10:26, 30 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
How did this conversation descend to such lows? Anyway, I'll make an attempt to be in the chatroom for as long as I'm on my computer today. That's not all day, you understand. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 12:12, 30 Jumbly 2011 (UTC)
Yo T3, do you still use your hotmail account? If so, you might want to check it. -- Hindleyak  Converse?blogClick here! 11:27, 3 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Thank you and thank me[edit]

Congradulations! I nom'd you for Illogicopedian of Ergust 2011. And thank you for giving me that gold star for Cheeses. You are a kind sentient being. ~[thehappyspaceman] 19:30, 08/5/2011


Yeah, sorry about the nick change, but a Todd by any other name... ;-) ~ The Bard of Illogicopedia TinyQuill.gif 22:13, 10 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Don't worry, I'm slow. --T3 22:17, 10 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Slow is right. This (wo)man speaks the truth.
/changes discussion Hey, T3, collab? —rms talk 03:52, 11 Ergust 2011 (UTC)
Why the hell not? --T3 20:55, 12 Ergust 2011 (UTC)

Peaches says thanks[edit]

Thanks for the gold star on my user page, dude. When I signed on to see it today, it made me feel all oogly and piratey. I am flattered, and somewhat embarrassed that I left the nice Scotch I stole this morning at home. Cheers! Monsignor Onslow Peaches - Speak slowly into the tube 18:45, 11 Octodest 2011 (UTC)

Well, it was for your feature so I was just doing my job as the self-appointed Star Czar... but cheers anyway. --T3 01:34, 14 Octodest 2011 (UTC)


You've created Illogicopedia's 8,000th article, without knowing! Monkey-butler.jpg Sincerely, islandmonkey - go speak 08:27, 12 Novelniver 2011 (UTC)

YES! I actually realized about an hour or two after writing it that it was. I'm proud. --T3 09:28, 12 Novelniver 2011 (UTC)

Hold your horses! It's the Illogicopedian Times![edit]

11th Edition
Banana green.png
Banana green.png
Rebelling from Wikia in the worst kind of way.
Tuesday, Ditzember 27, 2011
The Illogicopedian Times is, in mathematical terms, the square root of the hippopotumus when divided by pi and raised to the power of your mom. This will have mathematicians baffled for the rest of the year, which, coincidentally, isn't very long.
Happy New Years
Happy New Years

As we end 2011, let's look back on the dumb things that happened during the old year:

Needless to say, however, after 01/01/2012, the "new year" will quickly become the old year, and then we'll be waiting for 12/31/2012. It's just a neverending cycle... or is it?

I'm sexy and I know it.
By Sexy

And you're ugly.

Let's make average babies.

Oh damn.
Oh damn.

We are facing the IllogiPocalypse.

This is an apocalypse of Illogicopedia.

You see, our wiki is slowly but surely slowing down to obscurity. And the only editors who are still visiting it are Dan the Hedgehog and I.

Our forum isn't visited enough, neither is VFH, VFI, AotM or even IotM.

And look at this: Dan and I are the only ones who even bothered to write an IllogiTimes since October of this year.

And this will slowly degrade until we are barely noticed at all, even behind

And then, on December 21, 2012, our website will disappear from all history.


Please, we must save our website.

Cool story bro.

Please, everybody completely disregard what my friend Kirby up there said. He's just one pile of **** after another. Thank you.

~[ths] Keeper of the Bloodwine My Farticles. Qaplá'! Are you bigger than cheeses? Writer of the Month October 2011 22:59, 12/27/2011

Now with free cheese wizzy! It's the Illogicopedian Times![edit]

12th Edition
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Banana green.png
Formerly known as "Jerks Without Borders"
Thursday, Jeremy 26, 2012
The Illogicopedian Times is... er... I don't know. Seriously! I don't! But I do know that a lot of people suggest that you read Playboy instead because it's funnier. Whatever. Why am I still typing here?
Big Brother 2012
Big Brother 2012

It is nearing the close of Jeremy 2012, and also nearing the close of Big Brrother, Illogicopedia's game show that is actually a revival of another Illogicopedia game show from 2008.

In week 2, as Island Monkey and Another n00b got the boot, now it comes down to the final three contestants: Dan the Hedgehog, Colonel Sanders and Athyria. Who will win and join the house of Big Brother... permanently?

See the action here.

Also, don't forget to vote for your favorite user to WIN.

Illogic Times to be Published Monthly

Since The Bard and everybody else abandoned it and Kırby and I are the only ones editing it anymore, it is my decree that the Illogicopedian Times shall be published monthly!

Basically, the only reason I'm making this announcement is to tell you all to WRITE SOME FRIKKIN' STORIES!!!

Recent Threads
By the forum guys

Baby New Year???

Happy New Year 2012 everybody! You know those posters with the "baby new year" and the old year is an old bearded man? Well, I think those posters are very morbid. I mean, think about it:

Congratulations for the new year! Think of this year as a newborn baby who will be dead in a year's time.

~See what I mean?

Just something I put in here to fill up space

VFF! VFI! IotM! AotM! ICA!

~Runner-Up Keeper of the Bloodwine Dan the Hedgehog.png Forum logo banana.png Eclipse.PNG BANANA BATLETH.png 00:51, 01/27/2012

Welcome bach[edit]

Jolly good to see you round these parts again, T3. My analogy of Illogicopedia at the minute is an old bar that used to do good business a few years ago, but is now dusty and neglected, with some of the old regulars popping back once in a while to have a drink.

Anyhow, keep on truckin'. -- Ben Blade 10:27, 16 Yoon 2013 (UTC)

Thanks, Ben. Illogicopedia really is a great thing for those boring summers where there is nothing else to do. I felt as thought I might as well do more than "check back" as I have every so often and actually try to regularly contribute again. The bar may be dusty and old, but I think I can still appreciate her for a while. (Alright... That may have been the most cliche thing I've ever written.) --T3 04:53, 17 Yoon 2013 (UTC)
That last line definitely belongs in a country western film. --Ben Blade 15:44, 17 Yoon 2013 (UTC)
Agreed. I might need to write one just to include it. --T3 02:37, 18 Yoon 2013 (UTC)