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Gayboy is a gay way of saying homosexual. Gay people aren't usually lesbians, unless a gay person had a sex change and then became lesbian. That would be a time wasting way of being a gay bisexual.

EH?[edit | edit source]

I don't know either. Anyway some people say gay stands for:

  • God's
  • Arse
  • Is
  • Young

Others reckon this is a cruel backronym.

Origins of gay[edit | edit source]

You really want to know? Well I don't, so go away. Yeah, I'm an ignoramus. Bite me. No, not there!

This article will probably be disappointing for you[edit | edit source]

Yeah. Ah well, things don't always go your way...

That's life. That's what Jeremy Beadle says used to say...