Penis Warts

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Penis Warts are the organs by which regular boils, and some overlarge freckles use to reproduce. Penis warts can be located on the very tip of the pustule, and though usually microscopic can sometimes grow up to a foot long. Because of this it's generally accepted amongst the scientific community that Penis Warts are responsible for the phrase "dickhead". Penis warts usually remain invisible and inactive, but in the right conditions can blosom magnificently, blinding the occupant and winning vegetable growing competitions at village fêtes.

Since Vagina Warts would schism deep into their host's head, killing them, penis warts instead have to mate with the most obvious opening available to them. Which can be the ears or the nose, but is almost always the mouth. Black sufferers are sometimes known to choke to death because of this.

In summary, penis warts are a highly controversial and offensive topic, and as such should never be given their own dedicated article space on a clean family wiki such as this one.

Thank God we avoided that happening, eh Nerd?