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Buttsecks is the confused utterance of a man after being rejected by a woman.

  • Woman: "Ewww, you're like totally creepy and weird! Stay away from me!"
  • Man: "But, buttsecks?"
  • Woman: "No, keep away from me!"
  • Man: "Me not understand."

The term was first coined in Seoul, Korea by a desperate man whose life consisted of watching porn on his HDTV. Determined to make something of his life, the unnamed man staggered out into the street on a cold July night and approached the first woman he saw. Drawing on his porn films for advice, he expected the woman to embrace his advances, cause' that's what happens in the movies, isn't it?. However, this was real life, and the woman kicked him in the nuts and walked away. He cried out after her "But sex! I want to have sex!" and the term Buttsecks was born.

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