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For those who can't handle the real truth, the spinners of fake truth at Wikipedia have a thoroughly boring article on Gimaladines.

The Gimaladines is a religion founded by a small group of pupils from Mr. Flynn's GCSE Chemistry class of 2009. It was founded as a response to the increasing trend of Christian minority groups hounding and pressuring young people into joining what the Gimaladines call "cults".

The religion is based on the principle that Flynn, first name Mr., is the true God. father of the Christian God, grandfather of Jesus, great-grandfather of Chuck Norris and all round Manchester United fan. Flynn uses his outstanding ability of Chemistry and Physics to defeat bad guys and walk on puddles.


This religion was founded during a particularly boring Physics class (February 2008), by Ryan Mallon and Matty "The Claw" Jardine. The Claw soon became the visual landmark of the religion. Flynn, though retired, continues to live on and inspire even the laziest of us to succeed.

Gimaladine Notes[edit]

  • Founders: Ryan Mallon and Matty Jardine
  • Secretary: Jordan Wright
  • Slave: Ross Weller
  • Book Writers: Jordan Wright, Matty Jardine, Ryan Mallon and Adam Weir
  • Symbol: The Claw
  • Holy City: Kinallen
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