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“The little box! It sees all, and knows all! Did you know that the little box, it sees all, and knows all?”

~ A DidYouKnowismist

DidYouKnowism is a psuedo-religious Ism that was inspired by Illogicopedia's Template:DidYouKnow. Adherants believe that the Did You Know box on Illogicopedia.org contains all wisdom necessary for life. In a similar way to how "Christian Science" followers refuse to use modern medicine, DidYouKnowismists don't let their kids go to school - AT ALL - not even homeschooling and instead expect them to learn to read by hitting "Refresh" on Template:DidYouKnow repeatedly all day until they know everything they need to know about Life, the Universe and Everything.

DidYouKnowism relates to Lightbulbism as Islam relates to Christianity.

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