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Flaniganism was founded by several cisteen monks of the cardigan order of mount Paloo. It involves mainly doing complicated, complex and completely pointless rituals, for the sake of the Gods of Paloo.

The Gods of Paloo[edit | edit source]

There are two Gods in the order of the Cardigan temple; Lingo and Bleagh. Lingo is basically your average good guy god. And a complete Moron. He apparently created the world when he threw up:

'"...and God said a word, and that word was: Get the mop!"

Bleagh, it seems, is the complete opposite. With a mind of pure evil but the brain of a small chimp. Which would seem to make him about five times as smart as your average human.

Heaven and Hell[edit | edit source]

The forest of Staash serves as the kingdom of Lingo, and the place where the people of this miserable planet go when sniffed. (like snuffed, but more painful). That is if their life was all fine and dandy. Lingo is picky, too. He's not your forgive and forget do gooder that you call Jesus. (Even though Jesus was not convicted of tearing out the insides of small children and feeding it to the poor. Before ripping out the insides of the poor). If angered, he has a large tendancy to squish.

Bleagh's crib, (Yes, crib), you would imagine to be the complete opposite. In fact, it's quite pleasant if you like places composed entirely of Frozen Porridge, and if you like places with a Theme Park motif to it. There may be a few horribly mutilated bodies rushing around the place, eternally waiting... In line for the rides. There is an enormous golf course, (Ball made of frozen porridge, Green made of Frozen Porridge, Club made of Frozen Porridge, so on so fourth).

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