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Imaginarytheism is a religion which holds that there is √-1 and only √-1 god. Not so much founded, but rather seemingly spontaneously instantiated in a garage in Lowell, Massachusetts on a cold, snowy February 14, 2014, a lone idiot attempting to extricate himself from a parking spot was the solitary witness to a flash of aquamarine-colored and smelling light. "Gadzooks", thought the author, absently rubbing his dog's belly while considering what to write next. He continued his mentation... "Just because god/gods is/are imaginary constructs, that doesn't mean they do not exist." Thus began a new (and arguably more valid) chapter in the evolution of transtheism[1] as imagined by a writer who is out of his mind.

An Apology for the previous Apology with apologies to Monty Python's Flying Circus[edit]

There are some yet-to-exist critics of Imaginarytheism who compare it to the monotheistic faiths, since the Fundamental Principle upon which the "faith" is founded is that √-1 is the one and only god.

Counterarguments include:

  1. The monotheist's God is Real, whereas the Imaginarytheist's is Imaginary.
  2. √-1 is not an object of worship or veneration.

See Also[edit]

  1. Transtheistic is a term coined by philosopher Paul Tillich or Indologist Heinrich Zimmer, referring to a system of thought or religious philosophy which is neither theistic, nor atheistic, but is beyond them.
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