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This is a user sandbox.

This is not a part of Illogicopedia, and this is not the Illogicopedia Sandbox.

Basically, this is a test page of the owner of this sandbox.

Plz alert the radminz if this guy:

  • Advertises things here
  • Attacks or Harasses pplz here

Thank u and enjoyyyyyyyy

Welcome to Illogicopedia,

the nonsensical encyclopedia that anyone can mess up.
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Current Featured Article: [[Satan Bunny ]]

Satan Bunny is more dangerous than he looks. He lures kids in, and gets them hooked on narcotic marijuana.

“That's no ordinary rabbit!”

~ Oscar Wilde on Satan Bunny

Satan Bunny was one of the original Satans from the beginning of time, but is best known as 1930's Vaudeville songstress-and-dancer Bunny Satan. This furry and cuddly form of evil is deceptive in appearance, and has been the downfall of many previously-righteous Christians. With highly flammable pellets, he is able to create a piece of Hell anywhere he goes. The Great Schism can be defined as an event that divided those who can say schism and those who can't.

([[Satan Bunny


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Wide shot: street, slow zoom in, with children playing. It's a bright and sunny day. Yes, the setting of this story is actually quite pleasant.
Narrator: “"And so begins the day when children play, to fill their spouts with honey and clay. But will it end in the exact same way? Or for our heroes, be it their last day...?"
It won’t be of course, since it’s not real.
Camera stops zooming in. Kids stop playing and look at the camera.
Narrator: The writer could make the characters invincible if he wanted. Besides, the writer prefers doing happy endings… what? Oh sorry, I’ll keep quiet.
Camera starts to zoom in again. Kids continue to play.
Narrator: “The tale begins on Hallowe'en down at a conspicuous police department…

Did you No? Yes! No. I mean, did you know...

  • ...that salt burns orange?
  • ...that Bcbkye is still watching you after ten years? He's standing in the very same spot in the corner of your room.
  • ...that Nmesh are to belong all your base?
  • ...that most English surnames mean exactly what they sound like?
  • ...that 'quotes' "are" „very“ „very” «very» ‹weird?›
  • ...that taht... ...wonk uoy did tuB !seY ?oN uoY diD
  • ...that the light in Sophie's eyes went out bit by bit?
  • ...that I too am a loathsome tobacco man? And that my mom knows I smoke>
  • ...that I'm a loathsome tobacco man?
  • ...that no monkeys were harmed in the writing of Illogicopedia articles?
  • ...that this, as well?

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Seemed like a good idea at the time

what has this world come to

Oh my lawn order! The tomatoes are coming.

I am going to write a book with stuff from the Vandalpedia template. I'll let you know when it's on sale in about 5 years. -- George Hamburg

Don't you know that hat is made from the hair of detained immigrant children? You should be ashamed of yourself.

A new era in vandalism has begun. Welcome, fools.

dang it

Fact: At any one time, there is a 98% chance that a vandal will appear to post pictures of a Richard in this section.


Huh, can I really vandalize this page?


F*ck that error 503 on Usopedia which blew up my article :/

Chairs, tables, beds. ẟwẟ

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Cupcake Attacks City

When flour becomes self-aware, you'd better watch out.

Image credit: Silent Penguin
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