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An editor cabal is a term for a fictitious cabal composed of ordinary editors, as opposed to a regular cabal which is composed of admins.

One often hears about how there is no cabal, but this is false. The admin cabal is very much real. They meet in secret every second Saturday, in various predefined locations under the sewers that are furnished with luxurious, cat-torn furniture and the highest quality mouldy food. In their meetings they discuss their nefarious plans to crush any opposition to their nefarious plans and protect each other from legitimate accusations;[1] and in one of these meetings, they invented the term editor cabal to discredit their innocent, defenceless[2] opponents by ascribing to them the same evil practice that they themselves engage in.

Some have attempted to provide evidence of the existence of editor cabals. They have cited instances in which groups of editors got together on IRC to gossip and plot behind an admin's back, and instances in which editors protected each other in the way that admins are notorious for doing. However, any attempt at classifying these behaviours as a 'cabal' is highly biased and politically incorrect. When editors get together to discuss admins, they are only participating in legitimate discussion; when admins get together to discuss editors, they are furthering a disgusting vendetta or trying to crush or demoralise defenceless editors, who, when found to have been discussing the admin or admins in exactly the same way, will become martyrs for a noble cause. When editors protect each other, they are merely doing their duty to defend each other against illegitimate attacks; when admins protect each other, they are banding together in an evil cabal designed to suppress editors.

  1. No, they never actually do anything remotely related to improving the encyclopedia. All they do is whine. Whine, whine, whine. Oh, and throw their weight around way too much.
  2. All non-admins are automatically innocent by virtue of being defenceless. They can't do those horrible things like block users or delete pages; how could they possibly do anything wrong?