Snoop Dogging

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Snoop Doggers come in all shapes and sizes and.... breeds...

“Snoop dogging as usual I see.”

~ Dr Robotnik on Snoop Doggin', yo

Snoop Dogging is the art of slyly sneaking around a chosen residence, snooping out things to steal and also to eat while rapping.

A "Snoop Dogger" is not to be confused with a ninja, because a snoop dogger is not very stealthy. As the name quite clearly suggests, Snoop Dogging is an acronym- for Sneaking Nearly Overly Overtly Peeing Desperately Over Gigantic Gaps In NiGeria.

The patriach of Snoop Dogging is Snoop Dog himself, who often raps while Snoop Dogging. In fact, he is so accomplished at Snoop Dogging that he carries a laptop around with him so that he can see what Microsoft Sam has to say about his raps. What is extraordinary is that he does this while snoop dogging around peoples houses. Evidence of this is here, where it appears that Snoop Dog has gone under the alias of 'Kevin.'