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The exclamation mark, sometimes referred to as the bleeb.

Punctuation abuse, despite the negative connotations of the name, is actually a gentlemanly sport and favorite past-time of many European folk. Points are scored by incorrectly identifying the various punctuation marks as outlined below.

Score Rubric
Correct Name Incorrect Name Points Notes (from official rulebook)
Curly brackets Braces 3 Sometimes -- referred to (incorrectly) as wotsits.
Square brackets Brackets 6 Sometimes; referred, to (correctly) as: square crisps. In the event of this identification, eleventy bonus points are to be awarded unto the nearest swine
Rounded brackets Parentheses 9 Sometimes' fnurdled.
Claw brackets Quotation marks 12 Occasionally acknowledged as glob brackets
Tipsy brackets Slashes 15 Extra point for ///// incorrect //// insertion within a sentnece and/or word (example: i walk no/rth)
Dot brackets Colons 18 Very rarely if ever known as "lower intestine"
Dot device Full stop 20 Correct usage of particular instance results in automatic termination of account
Long stick Lower case 'l' -1 The overly-common usage results in negative help

Spelling errors are sometimes rewarded.

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