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Penix Wrong accuses Kilometres Dullsalt of objecting his chops, when his chops are unbustable. Meanwhile, our hero Kilometres points out the stain on Penix's (pink) tie.

Court is the place where the adminatii go and see people, whereupon they say "Off with his/her/it's/I've already been to the mall (Galleria)'s head!", causing them to become dead. Usually, there is a bailiff. These bailiffs are trained to not be hurt by anything, ever, lest they are defeated by the guilty guy who tries to fight his way out of the Adminatii's Iron Swirling Fist Whirlpool of Wrath. Usually these people get called fat.

Court[edit | edit source]

A command man ovare in Court is to tell the Adminatii that they're not your friend. this usually results in the following.

<Prosecutor> You're not my friend, Seppy.
<Testostereich> lol stfu n00b.
<Asema> ya rly.
<MrMetalFLower> Dead babies. 
<Hindleyite> ya, dont be a mango.
<Seppy> Off with his head!

Some admins get hurt by this manuever, and decide not to chop off your instead, head hugging you. Generally, however, the admins do whatever they feel like, as long as they say it's the law. Some admins, during the court, may say that court is "adjourned." This means they are eating your unborn child and you should whip out your silver bullet and go numberwang on their butts.

People in Court[edit | edit source]

People in Court generally become fatter, kinder and much more satiated and bloated. Even God, in all his Chickeny Holiness, falls to the might of court, and gives up, getting a "Guilty" sentence from the adminatii. This usually involves being pantsed followed by being dunken in a glass of milk until satisfingly soft for the admins to eat.

However, you do not mess with people in court, because usually the bailiff will PWN you in the face and then pantse you as if you were given a guilty verdict.