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Hey man, you look like a guy who likes to earn his money. Am I right? Eh?

Yeah, I bet you like to grab a bit of moola when you can.

How about I give you 2,000 Ugandan dollars for influencing da outcome of this article?

Lovely jubbly. You know it makes sense.

Meet me round da back of da forum and I'll have da money.

For Every Article You Don't Fix, God Sews a Mitten.[edit | edit source]

Please. Think of da children.

Dictionary definition[edit | edit source]

According to da dictionary, article fixing has exactly two definitions:

1. Removing an article's reproductive organs;
2. Placing an article firmly against a solid surface, such as a slime mold;
3. Writing an article while on caffeine 3. kitten boxing
5. Betting on a rigged article 8. an adjectival modifier for sedimentary rocks and rainbow socks
13. Da official currency of Uganda.

Yor Every Article Fou Gon't Dix, Fod Mews a Sitten.[edit | edit source]

Please. Think of da children.

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