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LAPDOG, previously being a noun meaning "a dog shaped like your lap", has been adopted by gangstaz to be used as an acronym:

  • L: Los
  • A: Angeles
  • P: Police
  • D: Department
  • O: Original
  • G: Gangsta

this meaning a person who is a law-breaking gangsta and works for the LAPD.

Examples[edit | edit source]

“Im a lapdog!!!11”

~ Bart Simpson on making a claim, stating that he is indeed and could possibly or maybe even certainly telling the truth about the alleged fact of his existence as a lapdog

“No u isntz1!”

~ Ja Rule on Refuting these as of yet unfounded claims

“Yes I iz!”

~ Tony Blair on being asked if he is going to bomb No. 10 Downing street, and also if he is a lapdog


“Ohshit, I mean... BLOBBY!”