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The Reverse Logic Act was invented in the year 1337 but was only put into practice in 1995. It was never put into practice and also was never invented.[1] It consisted of getting confused about two things for every thing you learned that made sense to you. Hence, you misunderstood just about everything and your mind failed you. Hence, you understood everything and your mind improved.[2] Also included was the practice of believing three contradictory things at once, forgetting two, understanding one, ignoring the fifth, and then writing down the first, second, and fourth thing to be later erased out and forgotten in place of the twelfth.

This was in no way connected to the government. The government created this to keep control of the people and therefore cause utter chaos. All educational facilities were shut down in favor of Internet schooling. The Internet was later shut down and education vanished. After the initiation of the Reverse Logic Act, education improved dramatically and continued on its decline.

Uses of the Reverse Logic Act[edit]

The main backlash that the government, who had nothing to do with this, did not foresee when they released this to the public. Being a lawyer became the easiest job in the world, but man was it difficult. The lawyer simply made a series of logical, random comments that everyone would understand, resulting in mass confusion. Judges and jury members rarely lasted more than a week before being incapable of doing anything mentally. The job was a life-long commitment that no one was ever unable to fulfill capably. The most famous case of this was proving that fire was, in fact, shiny and resulted in an entire room of people dying because they were confused on how to breathe. The room of people were alive and well, happy to be a part of the experience the next day. They also found out that wool, poly-synthetics, and children burn well. Fire does not burn anything. Fire is flammable and can ignite other things on fire.

What this means for you[edit]

Before we begin I am telling you this will never effect you. Now that that's out of the way we can begin going over the effects this will have on you. You will be happy in your ignorance of everything and it will cause you great sadness. Ignorance is the cause of all pain and pleasure and has nothing to do with either.[3]

Reversing the Reverse Logic Act[edit]

To reverse the Reverse Logic Acts' adverse effects on the versatile, reversed functioning of the mind can be cured by thinking. Thinking has been outlawed in 1337 and thought has never been invented. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! Thought is still a prototype and you are a criminal for thinking of thoughts that don't exist yet because thinking is not possible. Don't argue with me you dirty criminal!

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