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The word space comes from the Latin word gangle meaning "infinite" or "endless," and the word pirate is American for pirate meaning "looter" or "thief". The League of Space Pirates was first created in 389524875634987649867B.C. by 2 founders, Denzel Washington and Homer Simpson. They quickly gained many followers and became very powerful, conquering the Exotic new planet called Korea. After 23 years the changed there name to the Pirate Confederacy.

The hard times[edit | edit source]

After 43 years of Presidency the beloved president of the pirates Denzel Washington died at a nightclub in Chicago autopsy says he died by to much asbestos inhalation. Also the mighty Homerus Simpsonias died bravely in a death match against a hot air balloon (he tried eating it and choked). So there was a fierce presidential race which ended up being between Tom Cruise and Chuck Norris. After 7 days , 22 hours, 53 minutes, and 22.352346347seconds Chuck was elected.

2weeks after Chucks election Tom Cruise went crazy and went on a mass killing spree killing 345734296 pirates until Chuck came and round house kicked him in the face, griped his balls off and fed them to pitbulls, and ate his soul. This mighty victory didn't last very long for Tom didn't die and he went into the mountains to one day return.

After Tom went crazy some of his remaining followers started a revolt in the capital city/state/country/continent/planet of Australia. They killed many defenseless pirates until chuck went into Martial law which gave him the power to turn into Jesus and kill everyone that he wanted. SOOOOOOO he went ate a few scones and crumpets and then killed all of the revolters which gained him a level.

The Great War[edit | edit source]

In the year 235346G.H. the evil Zerg queen of blades Kylie Minogue. She was like "those petty pirates cannot do anything against me and my massive Broods of Alien/mutant thingers". She began the invasion on the 3rd Friday of April 67th.