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“He'll mess you up, man!”

~ Cheech and Chong on Reverend Zim_ulator

“That Chinese guy smelled like gin.”

~ Euripides on Reverend Zim_ulator

“I have more stars than him.”

“Zim is craaaaaaaaaaaaazy”

~ Dan-ny

Reverend Zim_ulator (Pronounced kne-chet-a-hnubh) is the founder of Zimizmizm and Zim Buddhism, and a small rodent living in the ceiling. Occasionally it comes out for spiritual nourishment and brandy, but mostly it stays to itself, smoking weed and telling stories about the good old days. After a self-inflicted taser accident, Reverend Zim_ulator took imaginary vows of smegularity, answerability, kludge writing, anomalous Canadian wine taster and became the Bane of Mouth-breathing Garbanzos everywhere.

Fitness for duty[edit]

After reveling in itself for a month and a day, garrulous dregs began to collect on his fountain pen. Milk and honey appeared out of nowhere. Third party sex made things complicated, so it moved out of the coop and into a range of underutilised nickel-cadmium breach of contract denigration.

In 2010, knurled knobs came back into fashion, forcing it to move again. This time, it had a dog[1].

Proof of being a Reverend[edit]



It learned it's first curse words[2] from an oily beggar perched on an ottoman. Predictably, nobody cared. The rest of them wandered off to see the Grateful Dead performing in a soup kitchen. As the onions and quiche poured into the follicles from all directions, suddenly a light went on in Reverend Zim_ulators head. It became a he. He wished desperately for a bath tub, from which to plummet and yell "Eureka!" Alas, there were none to be found in Beantown. He was forced to retract his mandibles and publish under a pseudonym,

The Wettening[edit]

It was during this episode of Invader Zim that the Reverend decided to restore a Focke-Wolfe 190 and write novels. His collected works can be found interspersed among the dreck at Uncyclopedia. Also, following the whole "it becoming a him" thing, praises were sung, and he became Gruntled.

The Rev is also an editor who is proud to have more than 78 million edits as well. His current editcount is {{#ec:Gruntled}}. He is one of no Illogicopedia editors who have made more than a million edits.


  1. Be sure to rotate stock.
  2. The audio has been adjusted to sound like belching hyenas.

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