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SAW VII is a horror film, the seventh installment of the SAW franchise, directed by some guy, no one really cares. It was rated by critics as 'horrifying' and 'chilling', and featured some particularly gruesome scenes. The characters in the film were forced to undergo horrible tests and torture that often badly disfigured them.


In the early minutes of the movie, a character is forced to listen to a Michael Jackson song. This opening scene caused much distress against audiences, and was rated by some as 'unsuitable for the eyes, and ears, of a human'. Another scene is when a character is fed some brussels sprouts. The realistic chewing of the food, and the well-done acting alone, raised the rating of the movie to an R18+.

The chilling climax of the movie comes when a prisoner is forced to read an Illogicopedia article.


SAW VII has been banned in thirty countries and has currently been eaten by three rabid keyboards. Also, fnurdletoot.

See what I mean?