The Original Star Wars

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“The sun is made of gas.”

~ Nerd

“So is my fart! Ha ha ha ha!”

“That is so predictable.”

~ Guy who likes making obvious quotes.

The Original Star Wars is the series of movies that George Lucas ripped off in his series of lame ass movies.

The movies follow the journey of Mr Smith the Red Dwarf Star, and the great battles between lost of other stars (not Jewish stars, mind you, only the five pointed ones). They commonly used machine guns and large knives to fight, but usually they just twinkled at each other. Throughout the battles there was a lot of blood.

Blood. I like blood. It is red.


Blood. Red. Blood. Red. Blood. Blood. Bloooood is red!! Blo- what? Sorry, this happens.

I also like green, Manholes are green.